Marketers should decide their email sign-up methods based on campaign goals

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October 23, 2019, 10:53 AM UTC

Using double opt-in (DOI) sign-up method for emails can help reduce bounce rates.

This piece says that email brands should consider factors like consent and user ease before using sign-up methods like double opt-in and single opt-in (SOI). The lack of additional steps in single opt-in helps brands get their messages in front of wider audiences.

DOI sign up methods requires an extra step like a confirmation email, before users can start receiving emails, but they provide higher engagement rates. The author argues that since users put in extra efforts to get on the mailing list with DOI, they are more likely to open the emails and engage with it.

In either case, brands should get active consent from users that is “freely given, specific, and unambiguous.  Including a checkbox can help marketers comply with GDPR and EU privacy laws.

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