Brands should strengthen their anti-phishing training to combat ransomware attacks

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October 23, 2019, 9:55 AM UTC

Economically motivated Ransomware attacks usually increase during the holiday seasons.

This piece which is based on an interview by researcher Madeline Cyr talks about ransomware attacks, and the measures brands can take to avoid them. The author suggests that brands should reinforce their anti-phishing training methods to combat ransomware attacks effectively.

Retailers should be alert during the holiday seasons like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, as most “threat actors” act on these occasions by decrypting the inventory system and their backups. Investing in attack surface monitoring capabilities can help retailers understand their digital environments and avoid ransomware attacks.

Reviewing the Vulnerability Management processes every day can further help retailers understand any outstanding risks. The author contends that brands should identify their critical assets and recovery points and build a process to back them up.

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