Include promotional content in transactional messages to further engage existing customers

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October 22, 2019, 6:44 AM UTC

Integrating transactional and promotional messaging allows brands to communicate with customers on their preferred channel.

This article argues that transactional messaging, which includes shipping notifications, account alerts, identity validation and more, is an excellent tool for sending important messages while increasing customer engagement. The author says that combining transactional and promotional messages enables brands to communicate in a single voice and offers a seamless customer experience.

Brands can use customer data to personalise their transactional email content. Since transactional messaging provides a clear path to get closer to an already-engaged customer, marketers can also promote their brand by displaying product recommendations or directing customers to a service that enhances their purchase.

Marketers can gather insights by comparing messages and experiences. Using the same platform to send promotional and transactional messages also helps provide consistent reporting metrics.

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