Agencies should offer more data transparency to stop brands from going in-house

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October 22, 2019, 11:40 AM UTC

Strategic Partnerships can help unlock the full potential of a brand’s first-party data.

The shift towards focusing more on internally-collected, first-party dataset has strengthened in the post-GDPR era. An increasing number of brands are looking towards internally gathered data to stay on track with the data protection regulation.

While agencies are showcasing data as their primary offering, brands are, however shifting to get data capabilities in-house. Many agencies lack the ability to get the most out of first-party data. They should make sure that they are “staffing” their ranks with top data talent and building partnerships with brands that can help increase their data capabilities.

Brands are taking the in-house route as they want more control and visibility over data than what agencies and adtech platforms currently provide. Brands should provide more significant data visibility and transparency to prevent brands from relying on in-housing.

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