Addressing “People Also Ask” questions can help brands get featured on snippets

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October 22, 2019, 9:36 AM UTC

Optimising YouTube videos can help marketers appear on PAAs

This piece says businesses can optimise their YouTube videos to be eligible to appear in PAAs. Videos, which better answer users’ queries, can enrich people’s search journey for PAA queries. PAAs can also help brands get featured in snippets on Google search results.

Brands should study which questions people generally ask while searching online for products or services relevant to their businesses. They should then align their content with relevant keywords and PAAs. While videos are easier to understand, brands can also create new blogs and re-optimise already published content to address PPA questions.

Different questions listed in a PAA can be triggered by different keywords but can show the same result. The author suggests that brands should be careful while addressing PPA questions in their content.

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