Using emotion-evoking words in marketing copies can help brands persuade consumers

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October 18, 2019, 1:58 PM UTC

Emotions create instinctual impressions and can encourage consumer action.

This piece recommends that brands should avoid a neutral tone in their marketing copies. Instead, marketers should include words that evoke strong emotions, either negative or positive, and resonate within their audiences’ memories. Having an emotional impact can help enhance the brand’s conversion rates by prompting consumers to take action.

Addressing consumers directly in blogs, headlines and emails with words like “you” can help brands draw their attention. Incorporating numbers throughout the ad copies, including in the headlines, can further help brands anchor consumer interest.

The author contends that brands should use contextual and relevant words, links and case studies to earn trust from their audiences. Creating copies based on audiences’ awareness levels can further enable marketers to target their ads appropriately and drive sales.

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