Use synesthetic marketing to help audiences understand and appreciate an experience better

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October 18, 2019, 10:44 AM UTC

Marketers can direct consumer learning of experiences by creating visual metaphors.

The article cites an article published in the Journal of Advertising Research which states that marketers of products like chocolate, beer, honey and more could adopt a “synesthetic” approach that triggers multi-sensory interactions. Kathryn A LaTour, professor of services marketing argues that brands should provide audiences with “a means to understand and appreciate their experience better.”

She adds that in order to achieve this goal, use “cross-modal associations” which tell stories and create a “gist representation” connected with a product. For example, using words like “fresh” and “sweet” to describe on orange.

Such an approach directs consumer learning by introducing the experience and how it should be experienced. Using words like “open” and “supple” to describe wine helps in creating a visual metaphor to engage this learning.

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