UK retailers waste on an average of £178,000 in failed e-commerce projects

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October 18, 2019, 1:04 PM UTC

30% of IT department blames marketing for “poor project planning”, while 26% of marketing department holds the IT department at fault.

Improper planning and implementation of e-commerce strategies have led UK retailers to waste an average of £178,000, according to a study by Greenlight Commerce. The research also revealed that some retailers have wasted up to £3 million in failed e-commerce projects.

This piece highlights that the internal rift between IT and marketing department can further hamper the growth of e-commerce projects. With 76% of all retailers planning to increase their e-commerce projects this year, brands should ensure that both the departments address these problems with equal responsibility.

Retailers expect only 30% of all their e-commerce efforts to give back value to their brand. However, resolving internal conflicts and properly allocating budgets within departments can maximise results and add value to the business.

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