Remarketing shouldn’t focus only on selling, but make end-users feel appreciated

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October 18, 2019, 9:13 AM UTC

Indiscriminate use of chatbots on websites may hurt the overall user experience.

This article recommends ways to improve site personalisation. The author states that tools like AddSearch use previous behaviour and browsing activity to generate personalised search results for all types of sites, while giving site owners full control of personalisation settings, triggers, and weights for content or ad placements.

The article provides that chatbots and chat support are crucial in enhancing customer engagement, retention and experience. Further, adopting remarketing helps in providing value to users by showing them ads which are relevant to what they acted upon or left incomplete.

Webmasters should tap into data signals from audience behaviour and site usage to serve personalised content recommendations individually. They should also understand the sporadic behaviour of users and provide personalised content through email marketing and tailored mailings.

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