To design a brand logo, create a “mind map” of brand values

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October 18, 2019, 11:20 AM UTC

Brands must look to connect keywords and concepts to the central idea.

This piece makes recommendations for designing a brand logo. Its suggests creating a “mind map” of the brands values, a visual brainstorming technique, which refocuses brand ideas or creates new ones. Starting with a main idea, and by connecting keywords and concepts around that central idea, diagram the thoughts.

To combat “analysis paralysis” while seeking design inspiration, think of logo designing as a puzzle while working off of established design principles. The article suggests reviewing many great logos to understand what makes them memorable.  

Finding the right font for a logo might take time, where font attributes tend to invoke different brand qualities. Using bold, thick fonts such as asymmetrical slab serifs can display authority and stability, whereas thinner fonts show elegance and progress.

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