Linear TV will face challenges in implementing MRC standards for cross-media audience measurement

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October 17, 2019, 11:11 AM UTC

There is “a bright future” for in-TV ACR which combines audio state with video duration.

This article states that the recently released MRC standards will require technology upgrades from several members of the supply change. First of these is that the viewable impressions will need 100% viewability on screen for two continuous seconds.

Further, the sophisticated invalid traffic standard will require detecting invalid traffic before filtering it. The author says that it will be the toughest to apply MCR standards to linear TV, as the industry needs to be clear about what invalid traffic means.

Measuring audio will be the biggest technical issue to overcome as there is no consistent reporting system. He says that by design, the audio automatic content recognition cannot differentiate between video impression and audio play duration, as required by the MRC.

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