Engagement-based marketing requires customer-facing teams to listen, learn and engage

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October 17, 2019, 10:46 AM UTC

One-to-one engagements can give a brand deeper insights and add empathy.

This article states that brands implementing engagement-based marketing are better placed to earn consumer trust and loyalty as this strategy opens up channels to build relationships with consumers. Brands spend considerably on big data to understand consumers’ individual needs, but often waste the opportunity to create substantial one-on-one relationships with “excessive” and “intrusive” pitches.

Where macro data finds use for marketing-campaign algorithms, personal one-on-one engagements can bring insights and empathy to marketers. The piece recommends training customer-facing teams to listen, learn and engage for “good marketing.”

Brands should stop assessing ROI by how quickly service members go through customer calls. Instead, reward those who devote time listening to customers. Businesses could host roundtables and webinars to get inputs, share ideas and offer resources rather than offering ineffective sales pitches.

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