Advertisers must use short, branded content in stories to catch user attention

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October 17, 2019, 9:02 AM UTC

They should spend time viewing stories and stories ads in their native habitat.

This piece recommends brands on making their Facebook and Instagram stories more effective. The article cites a Facebook study which found that top-performing Instagram Stories were also consistently more relevant than lower-performing ones.

These ads are capable of grabbing attention, are easy to understand and fit the brand they’re about. Businesses must keep the branded story ad content short to gain user attention.

Given the growing speed of stories’ content consumption as compared to any other mobile format, Kay Hsu, global director at Instagram Creative Shop recommends advertisers to “use speed itself as a creative element” in ad creatives. As a format, Stories are continually evolving. So, brands must experiment with all possible tools and creative features such as, colours, filters, copy and motion.

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