Marketers should make content accessible for disabled people by embedding multimedia into text

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October 15, 2019, 3:09 PM UTC

20% of a brand’s audience may need assistance using the internet from assistive tech or other people. 

This piece recommends that brands should include embedded multimedia, like video captions and audio transcripts, in their text content. It can help companies effectively communicate with people with disabilities and turn them into brand advocates. 

To optimise their content for better accessibility and improve engagement, marketers can create a summary of audio and video content, along with descriptions, on-screen texts and transcription. Using short sentences and paragraphs with consistent and logical placements of H2/H3 can make their content more readable.

The author suggests that marketers should use subheads in the transcript to guide readers quickly find the content of the video or audio. Marketers can further create tables with assistive technology to simplify complex data sets and schedules for people with difficulties.

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