Study says influencers prefer working with brands that align contextually with their content

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October 14, 2019, 5:35 PM UTC

81% of consumers have reported making a purchase based on influencer recommendations.

Brands should approach influencers whose content is contextually similar to the company’s offerings, according to a survey of 400 social media influencers. For most Influencers, contextual fit takes precedence over the brand’s compensation models.

Organisations should carefully evaluate their influencer programs to avoid legal trouble as the FTC mandates influencers to be open about any monetary compensations for their posts. A majority of influencers, however, keep only 25% or less of content reserved for sponsored posts to maintain their social trust.

The author contends that a multi-channel influencer program across different platforms can help brands create an effective influencer marketing program. However, marketers should also consider metrics like impressions and sales before associating with any influencer

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