Media owners should start licensing and monetising video content

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October 14, 2019, 12:04 PM UTC

It can give media owners an entry point to $70 billion TV advertising market as well as building another revenue source. 

This piece argues that media owners should leverage the exposure and incremental revenue of third-party licensing partnerships. In this process, they can monetise their content beyond one media channel and also preserve a path toward building a direct collaboration with the viewers. 

Popular TV shows can be re-played on subscription-based video channels like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Though SVOD is not ad-supported, the audience data they collect can enhance advertising capabilities and user-experience across other ad-supported video services (AVOD) channels, where those same viewers are also consuming TV content. 

The author contends that though ad-free services are increasingly becoming popular, AVOD should uphold a user-friendly experience. They should deliver branded messages that are relevant, fresh and seamlessly integrated. 

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