61% of GenZ women find it difficult to stay away from digital devices

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October 14, 2019, 12:29 PM UTC

Research from Gfk says that GenZ women in the US are technologically uncertain but more open minded than men.

While GenZ women welcome technological innovation, they are still apprehensive about its actual benefit to society. The research says that around 34% of GenZ women are positive about technology’s impact, but 61% of them find it difficult to stay away from digital devices.

This piece notes that GenZ women strongly value openness and pay close attention to brand messages and their activities. Additionally, 39% of GenZ women have expressed concerns about safety and privacy on digital devices.

Brands should be honest about their values and improve security and privacy to reinforce trust among GenZ women. Jola Burnett, vice president, consumer life, for GfK says “They want brands that live up to their values. They can tell when something is real and when it’s just PR”.

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