Educating users on the essentiality of the product allows marketers to attract “cold audiences”

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October 11, 2019, 2:17 PM UTC

Brands can attract consumers on Facebook by creating ads based on awareness levels.

Facebook ads that address a consumer’s awareness level of a problem can help brands reach out to potential consumers. Creating instructional ads that inform and demonstrate problems along with their solutions enable marketers to attract unware consumers.

Prospects who are already aware of their problems, but do not know the solution can be approached through contextual educational content. Consumers who are already aware of the brand can be targeted with specific ads that provide solutions to their problems.

To approach consumers who are both aware of the problems and solutions, marketers should focus on distinguishing their brand and focus on keywords that address the problem. The author contends that users who are existing consumers should be extended offers and discounts through retargeting ads.

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