CTV businesses should find new ways to target consumers while respecting data privacy concerns

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October 11, 2019, 11:52 AM UTC

A BritePool survey revealed that 87% of consumers would opt out of programmatic ad targeting under CCPA terms.

This piece argues that media owners and ad buyers of the CTV business need to find alternative ways to target consumers without exposing data. Targeting individualised markers like the registered email addresses on CTV has limited use as they are mostly shared among households.

Most CTV players, including publishers and device manufacturers, are not equipped to support consumer’s demand for data transparency. While efforts are on to create industry standards specific to CTV devices, some players like WarnerMedia-owner AT&T are already well placed to manage data permissions.

Under both CCPA and EU’s GDPR norms, brands should communicate to their customers that they are collecting user data. This article contends that businesses should examine data security carefully before experimenting with CTV.

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