Agencies should guide brands in navigating conversations regarding social change

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October 11, 2019, 6:17 AM UTC

Purpose-led private events can be run to address issues and inspire new perspectives.

This article states that while governments sometimes fail to address issues or impact change, brands can come to the forefront and transform the narrative about the problems by sparking a conversation. However, they may not know how to enter these “uncomfortable conversations”, which is why agencies should step up.

The author says that agencies must help brands consider certain issues and the end-users they serve in an empathetic manner that transcends transactional relationships. Companies mustn’t get stuck on “surface-level solutions.” Instead, they should make institutional changes like generating social welfare and create value beyond their product offerings.

Through purpose-led private events, brands can inspire new perspectives on grave societal issues. They should involve a diverse set of panellists and participants to explore topics from deeply-thought angles.

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