Adopting IAB’s vendor-neutral ID solution can reduce third-party requests on webpages

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October 11, 2019, 11:51 AM UTC

Given the reducing dependence on cookies, a publisher’s ability to segment audience and better understand their behaviour gains importance.

New privacy regulations, tools to block or restrict cookies within browsers, and changes in how browsers operate are testimony to the “demise” of third-party cookies. The author recommends publishers, whose third-party data determines the programmatic inventory value, to harness the relationship they’ve built with audiences via subscriptions and behavioural data collection.

Marketers renting third-party data should build partnerships to counter the “reduced efficacy of third-party cookie.” Ad tech providers should balance the temptation of creating user IDs against pursuing further integration with existing market leaders.

Platform managers should realise that isolating potential audiences by gathering third-party data segments will become challenging and expensive. The author says IAB’s DigiTrust identity collaboration is an important solution to reduce third-party requests on webpages.

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