Results of social media efforts can be presented as a “story” on a Powerpoint slide

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October 10, 2019, 2:53 AM UTC

This engages executives, improving their likelihood of remembering successes.

The author shares some tips on how brands can show the value of their social media efforts. Carmen Collins, senior social media and talent brand manager at Cisco states that brands must tailor data for their stakeholders, in the same way they personalise content for different audiences.

Showing social media’s overall impact on the sales funnel is better and more realistic than trying to show sales causality. Collins expresses that since users keep moving in and out of the funnel at different times, setting the right goals can help demonstrate value.

Brands could present results in the form of a “story” on a PowerPoint slide. This engages executives and they would be more likely to remember successes, states Collins.

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