Making mobile ad frauds public allows brands to build trust and increase transparency

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October 10, 2019, 12:34 PM UTC

Setting clear objectives for media campaigns can help detect and avoid mobile ad frauds.

Despite mobile ad frauds remaining a significant problem of marketers, substantial penalties and exposing the fraudsters publicly can help brands reduce fraudulent activities. Publicising practices like avoiding intermediaries while buying ads allows marketers minimise revenue loss and increase transparency.

This piece states that fraud tactics like hidden ads and click spamming gives out fake impressions of good ad performance. To prevent these counterfeit ads, brands should set clear goals for their media campaigns that focus on the measurement of incremental ROI.

Implementing third-party technologies that measure the ad viewability can further help brands avoid fake impressions and prevent ad frauds. The author contends that advertisers should use a combination of solutions like ad serving and antifraud detection techniques to reduce mobile ad fraud.

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