Deciding on the objectives and messaging allows marketers to create an authentic brand voice

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October 10, 2019, 4:57 PM UTC

Crafting a tone of voice can provide brands with a blueprint to their brand personality.

Marketers should plot down the objectives and messaging of the brand to create a distinctive tone of voice that reflects their company values. Researching the tone guidelines that more prominent brands use can help marketers better structure their tone.

Brands can further craft a unique tone of voice with a series of tonal words and phrases by using tools like NN/G Framework. Writing clear and concise “tone of voice” document can help marketers effectively convey their brand voice to the organisation’s employees.

The author contends that marketers should have all the right tools and processes to help their employees adopt the tone of voice. Holding training and regular workshops along with voice-proofing processes, allows employees to adapt the brand’s tone of voice effectively.

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