Brand experiences are crucial in determining a DTC business’ success

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October 10, 2019, 10:51 AM UTC

Failing to test and iterate in the present hinders DTC brands from developing long-term strategies.

According to Lorna Sommerville, CMO at Function of Beauty, though DTC businesses emphasise performance marketing, it is brand experience which determines their success or failure. She says that at their core, the best DTC companies have succeeded in developing “really special brand experiences.”

She argues that “brand” is combination of factors that together summarise the best DTC brands such as thoughtful product and packaging design which comes from understanding customers’ issues and where to incorporate moments of delight. Other factors include building intuitive customer journeys and personal customer service interactions.

Sommerville cautions DTC businesses against getting side-tracked with their “wealth of data”, as it may lead to a shortfall of forward-looking insights into valuable customer segments. She recommends balancing performance marketing and brand strategy.

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