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Brands will a genuine purpose are likely to flourish and grow.

This article states that agencies’ fixation on the short-term is damaging many brands at a time when immense opportunities combining short-term and long-term strategies exist. Brands with mission statements that are “just for show” will be labelled “bogus” and only those with a real purpose will flourish and grow.

In a bid to prove their relevance, creative agencies are coming out with short-lived gimmicks with flashy concepts, but lack effectiveness. UK-based The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has expressed its concern about moving towards a total “creative effectiveness crisis” if short-term ideas continue to be rewarded.

The fastest-growing agencies are those supporting advertisers with “fit-in” while delivering speed, integration and production power. They are in the form of consultancies and digital agencies and huge production houses.

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