Creating a large volume of content can help brands understand their audiences better

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October 09, 2019, 2:12 PM UTC

More content volume means creating contextual content on multiple relevant platforms and not unnecessarily posting content.

This piece argues that marketers should generate content on a large scale to expand their reach beyond decision-makers. Instead of relying only on the subjective opinion of the brand experts, marketers should create more content to reach out to more audience demographics and segments. 

After gathering engagement data from their content, marketers can refine their posts and make them more contextual for specific audience segments. They can then target people at scale by posting content on multiple social media platforms.

The author contends that focusing more on quality make brands express their own subjective opinions and not what “audience actually cares about.” But creating content in large volumes can allow brands to reach different audience segments and enable viewers to determine what is “quality”.

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