By being “too friendly”, brands may not be respecting their audience

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October 09, 2019, 11:52 AM UTC

By adopting an “approachable” tone of voice, companies risk overstepping the mark.

This article argues that companies are trying to appear warmer and friendlier in the face of clinical branding most apparent in the tech world. Michael Johnson, founder of Johnson Banks says, “Quite a lot of tech companies have, either on purpose or by accident, ended up in the same place.”  

Copywriter and branding specialist, Vikki Ross, opines that brands prefer being “warm and snuggly” to counter the onslaught of negativity and disconnect with human wellbeing. She adds that brands being “too friendly” risk not respecting or valuing their audience.

Companies could consider all business aspects, have an everyday language that can be understood by everyone. Given the conversations around purpose, companies may think they have a role to play in making people feel better every day.

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