Advertisers and lawmakers debate the exclusion of behavioural advertising from COPPA

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October 09, 2019, 10:42 AM UTC

Independent children’s content providers are facing an increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

A recently held workshop about COPPA in Washington DC by the FTC, saw advertisers, publishers, academics and privacy advocates debating whether behavioural advertising is more profitable for publishers over contextual advertising. The debate mainly revolved around whether the rules for COPPA should be revised to accommodate general audience sites like YouTube.

Publishers, especially YouTubers, expressed concerns that disallowing behavioural advertising could hamper their revenue streams. Some academic studies have contended that the removal of cookies could have a significant impact on the publishers bottom-line.

This piece says that accepting contextual advertising could be a way forward, supporting both businesses and children. But, lawmakers and privacy advocates argued that the need for protecting kids online is more important than balancing COPPA for publishers.

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