Industrywide standardisation essential for buying and measuring OTT

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October 07, 2019, 11:30 AM UTC

OTT Providers must deliver hypertargeting with scale for advertisers to increase their OTT budgets.

The article states that while OTT accounts for about 30% of TV viewing, it sees disproportionate ad spends at 3%. With streaming companies competing for consumers’ time and money, advertisers must identify where and why OTT fits for them. If they buy ad slots directly from OTT providers, they have limited ability to control reach and frequency.

The author states that having multiple ways to access the same inventory worsens the lack of reporting transparency. Streaming platforms being walled gardens don’t give advertisers a holistic view of performance.

One solution is the industrywide standardisation of how OTT is bought and measured, which starts with achieving transparency. Further, OTT providers must offer granular insights into where ads are deployed for advertisers to know what performed well.

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