Have clarity about end business goals from the outset to get the most out of a CDP

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October 04, 2019, 9:32 AM UTC

Implementation of a CDP could require businesses to restructure and hire new people across different areas.

This article cites an Econsultancy guide which shares tips on the successful implementation of a customer data platform (CDP). The piece suggests creating an operational plan once a CDP has been selected. Implementing a CDP could also require hiring new talent or undergoing a restructure.

Further, brands must decide on end business goals from the outset. It’s crucial for companies to have a long-term perspective while evaluating the value that a CDP will provide, and ensure that the technology is resourced properly.

Once an organisation starts using a CDP, avoid taking on too much at once. The piece recommends starting with one or two channels, limited number of use cases and practical timeframes.

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