Brands should avoid echo chambers by encouraging employees to share content authentically

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October 03, 2019, 1:00 PM UTC

People are likely to unfollow brands that social sell through automatically generated content. 

This piece argues that brands should focus on educating and motivating employees to be brand advocates and share content authentically. Investing in echo chambers, which repeats the content within a closed system, can make organisations lose followers and risk being marked as corporate spammers.

Brands should empower their employees to talk about the company and its products and services in their own voice. While providing the right tools, brands can support employees to social sell their products authentically.

The author contends that if a brand’s employees share insightful or entertaining content, it is likely to be read, shared and amplified. Employee generated content can help brands win prospects and customers as people are interested in genuine opinions of brand employees.

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