Advertisers need to opt for independent device optimisation for efficient ad auctions

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October 03, 2019, 11:14 AM UTC

Ad auction ecosystems have changed since Google stopped the average position metric in November last year and rolled out four new metrics.

This piece argues that advertisers should opt for independent device optimisation while in an ad auction as user behaviour varies widely between desktop and mobile devices. They should also ensure that the provider uses a responsive intraday bidding engine that uses the latest signals.

Ad providers should have a holistic account strategy that allows advertisers to apply bid strategies across multiple Google accounts within the same workplace. Marketers should make sure that the provider allows immediate setup and launch targeting the Impression Share.

The author contends that advertisers should make sure that the tool is compatible with both position-based bidding for non-Google publishers and Impression Share metrics on Google. These strategies can help advertisers easily choose their provider. 

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