Measuring benchmarks like traffic trends can help brands assess their performance

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October 01, 2019, 6:48 PM UTC

Industry benchmarks allow marketers to create effective marketing campaigns

Setting quantifiable and measurable benchmarks like traffic trends and audience data can help brands discover and assess their performances in the industry. Monitoring the shift in traffic trends can help marketers gauge the external factors affecting the change and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Evaluating average revenue per consumer and the average checkout rate can help brands understand the effectiveness of their ads. This article says measuring the total share of website visits further allows marketers to understand their market share and can help set up a benchmark against the competition.

Brands can use tools like SEMrush’s Market Explorer to measure the interests of audiences to create relevant marketing messages. The author contends social engagement rates and PPC costs data can further help marketers enhance their visibility and keyword bidding process.

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