Highlighting customer pain points can create a positive impact on Facebook ads 

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September 30, 2019, 1:29 PM UTC

Brands should use ad copies as a communication channel to convey that they understand customer pain points. 

This piece recommends that organisations can highlight customer pain points on Facebook ads to attract customer attention. Facebook ad copies can be used to communicate to customers that the brands understand their problems. It can also be used to convey how company products and services can solve customer problems.

Instead of relying on survey-based data, brands can join Facebook groups where their consumers are already engaged. Organisations can collect first-hand data while interacting with customers in these groups, without boring them.

The author suggests marketers can use this customer data to create Facebook ads that are relevant to their target audience. Advertisements can also stand out if brands use them to demonstrate that the organisation understands customer aspirations as well as problems. 

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