Empower people to be able to self-service martech needs in a company

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September 30, 2019, 6:18 AM UTC

Businesses need a “solid framework” to reach the “absorbed” stage of martech maturity.

The author introduces a martech maturity model stating the three stages through which companies leverage martech within marketing. Where martech maturity’s “assisted” stage is straightforward, the “embedded” stage uses centralised operations, whereas “absorbed” makes learning adaptable and widely distributed.

Moving from “embedded” to “absorbed” facilitates self-service as the former’s martech function either filters out requests or puts them in a queue. Self-service capabilities like bandwidth, creativity and learning help in increasing the capacity for “parallel processing” of martech tasks, exploring an array of ideas, encouraging learning and experimenting with new ideas and technology, respectively.

The author proposes the 8 Ps of self-service martech. These include technological factors like platforms, partitions, permissioning and perception, and people factors like permission, preparation, principles and passion.

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