Analysing the content strategies of competitors can help brands fill market gaps

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September 30, 2019, 5:18 PM UTC

Scrutinising the competition can help brands improve their content strategy.

This article notes that analysing the competition’s content strategies allows marketers to discover their share of the market and improve their search results. Brands can use tools like SEMrush to identify missed opportunities in their competitor’s content and use that information to improve their content.

Marketers should analyse their competitors top pages and the keywords associated with them to increase the performance of their pages. Analysing competitor content further allows brands to glean insights such as primary search intent related to the topic and parallel search terms.

The author contends that leveraging competitor’s content can further help brands get insights into topics that can generate backlinks. Competitor content can also provide marketers with an idea on how to improve their organic traffic from search engines.

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