Personalising cold emails can help with better open rates

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September 27, 2019, 4:48 PM UTC

Brands should add a human touch to their outreach efforts to appear more relatable and approachable.

Including personal experiences that are relatable to prospects in cold emails can help brands improve their cold emails outreach campaigns and enhance their open rates. Sending LinkedIn videos or gif in cold emails can further help brands differentiate themselves and appear more approachable.

This piece says that having an understanding of consumer personas can help brands craft effective cold emails and offer relevant solutions. Providing advice on problems faced by clients further allows marketers to showcase their expertise in cold emails and build trust.

To make cold emails more effective, brands can resolve the client’s problems over the phone and further humanise their outreach efforts. The author contends that understanding the industry and the competitors can also help marketers create personalised emails with better conversion rates.

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