Knowledge of buyer behaviour must inform B2B brands’ marketing strategies

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September 27, 2019, 7:06 AM UTC

Adopting an “Interest to Invoice” design approach helps map how customers use information in every phase of their buying process.

B2B marketers are facing an alarming trend of false positives on lead generation campaigns, while realising the redundancy of unbranded leads. Today’s industrial buyers have instant access to information, which is changing the buying process. This requires for sales and marketing interactions to change too.

This makes creating an integrated balance between lead generation and brand marketing, so that marketers “sell the way today’s buyers buy”, essential. New research in behavioural economics suggests that even logic-based decisions are impacted by emotions. Hence, marketers should have an in-depth understanding of their buyers’ “jobs-to-be-done” and concurrent emotions.

They should help buyers throughout their buying process. This can be achieved through digital marketing solutions, high-value downloadable content and targeted marketing, respectively.

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