Gen Z are capable of swaying their guardian’s purchase decisions

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September 27, 2019, 1:40 AM UTC

However, they show the least brand “loyalty among any demographics group.”

The article cites a study by Snap and NCSolutions which highlights that advertising to Gen Z can sway sales even though they are not the main buyers of CPG products. The report found that 63% of sales (CPG products) traced back to Snapchat ads that were seen only by Gen Z users.

The study categorised them as “purchase influencers” and not primary shoppers. The article provides that their estimated purchase power is $143 billion a year. The findings from the study are indicative of their ability to sway their guardian’s purchase decisions.

A A.T. Kearney survey cited states that Gen Zs have the least brand “loyalty among any demographic group.” Additionally, Gen Z show a lot of difference from older generations in their shopping habits and traditional marketing tactics.

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