Brands should create native content on TikTok to attract their audience’s attention

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September 27, 2019, 3:15 PM UTC

Ad Programs on TikTok can help marketers reach out to more audience demographics.

TikTok, which currently has about 500 million active users, provides marketers with an opportunity to expand their consumer base through its self-serve ad program. Brands looking to gain traction on TikTok should avoid promotional content and focus on creating content specifically for the app.

Brands can also repurpose TikTok content on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram for a wider audience reach. This piece says that identifying trends and adding a plot twist in videos can help marketers keep audiences engaged and increase brand visibility.

The author contends that creating and uploading their own audio clips further enhances a brand’s reach, as TikTok attributes native audios to its original uploader. TikTok also helps brands push traffic and increase leads by allowing marketers to create training videos.

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