Marketers should create infographics around their audiences’ interests

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September 26, 2019, 5:26 PM UTC

Infographics can be a useful way to attract traffic, gain links and generate leads.

This piece recommends marketers should conduct research by surveying their target audience about the topics they want to learn. It will not only help marketers to find the right direction for designing an infographic but also have an audience ready to see the infographic once it is published.

Organisations can look for trending topics to capture the attention of the mass audience with their infographics. Marketers can look out at Google Trends, Twitter, Reddit and BuzzFeed, among other social media platforms to identify topics that are trending beyond their follower lists.

The author suggests that marketers should draw a detailed marketing plan before creating an infographic. But they should try to think out of the box and create content that tells a story.

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