Ad industry associations write to California Governor to veto data broker bill

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September 26, 2019, 8:05 AM UTC

The data broker bill, also known as AB 1202, would directly regulate the information economy in the state.

Five ad industry associations have written to the Governor of California urging him to veto a bill that would require “data brokers” to register with the state attorney general. The Association of National Advertisers and other organisations argue that the bill would make it hard to conduct business in California.

The law would bring all “data brokers” under the consumer privacy act, which goes into effect in January. The associations have argued that the bill’s definition of “data brokers” could cover every business in the state.

The Ad industry said any such new law would be “ill-advised” until the regulations for Consumer Privacy Act are drafted. They said the legislation would affect even regular business activities like reaching out to new customers.

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