Leveraging topic clusters can help brands enhance their search engine ranking

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September 25, 2019, 5:25 PM UTC

Linking topics towards a pillar page can help marketers distribute value throughout the website.

Topic clusters, which uses a single page as its source for the main topic called the pillar page, can help brands with internal linking and improve search engine ranking. Topics linked to the pillar page like the home page can further help brands strategically distribute value.

This piece says that creating the main pillar page, which links to other pillar pages can assist with siloing related topics. Siloing topic clusters can further help marketers organise their website while providing easy navigation for their users.

The author contends that classifying valuable articles for pillar pages like the home page can help brands provide them with more value and rank them higher. Strategically positioning their web pages’ can help brands further increase traffic to their websites.

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