Watching “any kind” of engaging video has the same effect on people’s brain activity

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September 24, 2019, 9:52 AM UTC

Less engaging videos cause people to “tune out”, thereby creating disparate brain reactions among viewers.

Typically, focus groups are used to examine consumers’ responses to TV adverts or products. The author suggests using neuroscience to directly measure the brain’s reaction and feeling, instead of seeking customer reaction.

RSM Discovery’s study analysed and compared brain activities of 60 people watching the same set of 35 commercials. It revealed a correlation between people who were shown engaging content and the extent to which their brain reactions had similar neural activity, in areas associated with processing emotions and understanding narratives.

Unlike focus groups, the subjects aren’t influenced by other members and their exact brain responses are recorded. Marketers and communication professionals can use such reliable information to measure the effectiveness of new adverts and shape them accordingly.

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