More than half the consumers in the US leave retail stores because of loud music

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September 24, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

According to research from Cloud Cover Music, 68.7% of consumers reported that pop music improved their retail experience.

The report found that about 55% of consumers found loud music in stores unpleasant and said they had left stores because of it.  36% of consumers said that no music degraded their retail experience, but nearly 30% of consumers preferred shopping without music.

The type of music playing inside the store also seems to affect customer perceptions. 68.7% of consumers said that pop music enhanced their retail experience, while 64% of consumers preferred rock music to other genres.

Nearly a quarter of consumers said they had left stores because of profane and explicit music. The research further found that 72% of women preferred pop music while shopping, compared to 65% of men.

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