Inviting experts as guests can help brands enhance the reach of their B2B podcasts

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September 24, 2019, 12:31 PM UTC

Influencer programs can help brands feature guests whose expertise complement with their objectives.

Selecting relevant and well-respected guests for B2B podcasts can help brands promote podcasts efficiently while reaching out to a broader audience. To feature guests whose expertise are in line with brands objective, marketers should create influencer programs with a list of people relevant for podcasts.

Sending invitations via cold emails, warm emails and LinkedIn messaging can help brands get desired guests to appear on the podcast. This article says that sharing the value of appearing on the podcast will pique the interest of their targeted guests.

Marketers should send out the interview structure and schedule once the guests have accepted the invitation. The author contends that sending out a thank-you note along with publication date after the recording can help with promotions.

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