Conducting a content audit can help brands improve organic SEO performance

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September 24, 2019, 9:29 AM UTC

63% of organisations don’t have a documented content strategy.

This piece argues that organisations should conduct a content audit to improve their website’s organic SEO. While the lack of documentation can lead to numerous issues like keyword cannibalisation and creation of multiple landing pages, a content audit can help brands rectify them.

Content audits can help organisations find ways to repurpose their content. Brands can identify multiple content pieces that be used for creating an infographic or slideshow. Along with optimising content for both search engines and users, a content audit can help marketers improve SEO by fixing keyword cannibalisation and removing duplicate pages.

The author contends that marketers can embrace content audit to improve rankings and achieve higher conversion rates. But they also require a massive amount of data regarding link data, Google indexing and HTTP status among others for conducting an effective audit.

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