Strategic alignment of internal and external communications can drive business results

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September 23, 2019, 2:07 AM UTC

For external audiences to believe in a company, internal audiences must believe the same.

The article cites a report on the integration of companies’ internal communication (IC) and external communication (EC). About 95% of respondents advocate the “absolute” need to treat their internal stakeholders as a distinct audience. They stated that along with the right tone and language, there should be a distinction in the means through which the behaviour of internal stakeholders can be impacted.

The strategic alignment of IC and EC is required to build employee trust and advocacy. Employees using social media can become “ambassadors or anti-ambassadors” of their company, thereby impacting its reputation.

Hence, a consistency between the company’s projected image and its perception among employees is essential. A failure to achieve this may create a reputation gap and damage the credibility of the company.

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