Despite challenges influencer marketing will persist in new and more creative forms

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September 23, 2019, 5:07 PM UTC

Brands are moving towards unpaid micro-influencers who have higher engagement rates than big-name paid influencers.

This piece argues that influencer marketing will evolve into new and more creative forms, even as its future seems challenging due to the rising restrictions on social media platforms. This marketing strategy has untapped potential, and numerous case studies reveal its “impressive” financial outcomes.

Around 98% of the online content mentioning brands is from non-paid micro-influencers, and several large brands are moving their marketing budgets into micro-influencers. While an average Instagram engagement for a paid influencer is 3% to 4%, micro-influencers get around 14%.

The author contends that with Instagram removing “Like” option, it can be challenging to measure influencer engagement success rates. But he also added that this marketing tactic would evolve and enable users to show engagement through other creative ways. 

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